The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor review will examine a weight loss system specifically designed for sculpting the perfect female body. The creator of the system is John Barban, an experienced personal trainer and nutritionist who has used this method to help hundreds of women to get into great shape. The exercise and nutrition recommendations included in the program are specially tailored to the metabolism of the female body shape and hormone profile and thus providing the possible results.

In creating this unique system, John Barban has devised a breakthrough approach for burning away body fat and adding muscle to all of the right places in the female body. The premise is that it takes more than losing weight to look your best; you must sculpt a body with the right balance and proportions.

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A Practical Solution

The Venus Factor diet was created for women of any age and body type who want to lose 10 or more pounds. If you are unable to live on chicken and broccoli or spend untold hours working out, this program was designed with you in mind. The focus is on working smarter not harder to get the body of your dreams. Women with families, jobs and other responsibilities will have plenty of time and energy to keep up with the regimen. The workouts can be performed in 30-40 minutes, and the nutritional guidelines are quite flexible.

What makes the program so effective is the fact that it considers the physiological and psychological differences between men and women. Women face unique challenges, and Barban acknowledges this fact before sharing his proven solutions. He has effectively hacked the female body to discover the parameters that get the best results in the shortest possible time. Each and every suggestion is made with the body, mind and spirit of the woman in mind.

Maximizing Results

The program is full of tips and tricks that help women overcome the roadblocks to success and rapidly change their bodies. The shoulder muscles are emphasized to make the waist appear more slender. The hamstrings are toned to create the subtle curve that signifies a great pair of legs. Each week your body will come closer to the proportions outlined by the golden ratio.

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Components of the Program

There are two main components that round out the comprehensive body reshaping system:

1) The main PDF, contains all of the information and tools you will need to implement the program. It covers the nutritional recommendations, workout regimens and supplementary material that will help you get the most out of your efforts.

2) The exercise module, which includes instructional videos, walks members through each of various exercises to be performed. A complete explanation of the golden ratio and how it applies to sculpting the perfect female physique is also included.

In addition to the PDF and video files, some additional tools are provided:

  • Virtual Nutritionist: This is an easy to use app that calculates your nutritional requirements based on the personal data (age, height, weight, etc.) you provide. You can also log your food intake and recalculate your requirements as you get into better shape.
  • Member Forum: The forum gives members the opportunity to connect with each other, ask questions and share progress updates. You can create a personal log of your experience while using the program or you can just read what other members have shared. Participation is voluntary but encouraged.
  • Index Podcast: The podcast features interviews with members who have achieved impressive results. Member contests are announced regularly, the winners of which receive special gifts and prizes. Listening to the success stories of others is quite motivating for new members.

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Getting Started

Once you purchase The Venus Factor system, the entire course is available for immediate digital download. The PDF can be printed or read on your computer, phone or tablet. The supplementary video files are compatible with all popular media players.

The Venus Factor diet gives women all of the knowledge, resources and support they need to transform their bodies and get into incredible shape. It is much more than a weight loss program, as the parameters are designed to produce the most aesthetically pleasing female proportions using the golden ratio.

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